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Getting fast and quality service is the expectation of every single person that seeks assistance from the customer service of any given business. The more welcoming, simple and intuitive you build that experience, the better your customers’ satisfaction levels will be. It’s not just about saving time. It’s about your business wanting to deliver a properly organized, quality service environment that everyone benefits from.

Our queue management solutions allow you to shape your customers’ journey, guiding them every step of the way, but also providing guidance for the business. Either to understand how it can perform better, to efficiently manage your representatives according to customer influx, or to broadcast multimedia content on your entire branch network, NEWVISION can help you deliver superior quality service.

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Queue Management takes care of most of the operational part of any branch activity, effectively reducing wait times and reducing the time spent in each transaction, giving the business valuable data and insights on how to improve service performance.

Main benefitsThis is the best solution to:

  • Deliver the best
    Customer Experience

    Project a modern and efficient image of your business by transforming the customer journey into a simple, intuitive and engaging experience, while effectively reducing wait times and reduce the time spent for each transaction.

  • Organize &
    optimize your operations

    It can completely organize store operations through efficient resource allocation, proper segmentation of service categories and providing real-time KPIs, allowing managers to adjust resources and the customer flow according to current demand.

  • Empower
    through choice

    Empower your customers with the freedom to choose exactly when and where to interface with your business by providing specific booking timeslots, while giving your managers the ability to perform superior task and resource planning.

  • Enhance

    Increase the performance of your representatives by enabling the most efficient workload planning, adjusting the resources to the actual demand and reducing the anxiety of having to deal with frustrated customers, while effectively reducing the number of customers that walk away.

  • Gain insight
    on performance

    Business and operational analytics consolidate all service transactions for the entire branch estate, providing deep insight on how customer service is performing, how it can become more efficient and how to reduce costs without sacrificing service quality.

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