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INLINEXPERIENCE is a fully integrated customer service management suite, combining software and hardware to enable continuous improvement of your customers’ experience, optimization of processes and resources and maximizing each business opportunity across the entire service network.

It constantly captures relevant inputs from all your customer interactions, which are then processed by a powerful analytical engine, producing valuable consolidated insights so the business can better understand, meet and exceed customer expectations.

Main benefitsHow can IX help?

    the customer experience

    Differentiate the services provided through consistent delivery of an efficient and personalized quality experience that improves by the customers’ own voice. This is critical in engaging new customers, captivating them and consolidating brand loyalty.

    processes & resources

    From adjusting resources to match the actual demand, to planning more cost-efficient workloads. From allowing branch staff to focus on sales, to improving the distribution of services through better channel allocation. The optimization potential is huge!

    business opportunities

    By knowing who each customer is in advance, prioritizing them to maximize cost-effectiveness and having the right information, at every moment, about what are the best commercial offers for that exact customer. With the customer face-to-face, is the time to act.

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A brief overviewThe best tools yield
the best results

A complete top-tier customer service management suite, providing all the tools to gain complete operational control over an entire network of service locations, offering diverse channels to promote proximity with customers and flexible integration tools to further potentiate the benefits it delivers.
  • Flexible Implementation From one location to a multinational branch network, implemented on premise or made available from the cloud, INLINEXPERIENCE is fully scalable, allowing the addition of more functional modules or service locations at any time.

  • Omni-channel Platform The IX platform offers a multitude of entry channels, from the classical queuing kiosk to mobile web/native applications, QR codes and messaging systems. You can also integrate additional channels your businesses already has, to enable delivering more personalized experiences and a single customer view.

  • Open Framework The solution offers a set of dedicated APIs, ready to integrate with any third party systems, providing even more analytical layers. It enables the export and publishing of all the generated data to BI/BA tools and interfaces that your business already uses, streamlining data analysis processes.


Find out what we can do to transform your business

INLINEXPERIENCE is composed by modular solutions designed to operate independently but prepared to extract the most benefit from its seamless synergies, adding more functionality and analytical potential with each enabled module.

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