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Cash-In-Transit companies are well known for their proficiency in securing transportation of cash assets, many times pairing it with a wider range of private security services. The best of them go even further, extending their services with state-of-the-art cash management solutions that excel in their security features, but provide incredible business performance optimization value.

These solutions are invaluable tools for CITs, as their real-time monitoring and notification capabilities represent great gains in collection route optimization. Aside the immense opportunities for increased profitability via route optimization, our solutions help CITs provide their customers with exceptional service, assuring efficient collection, protected assets between collections and offering optimization of their customer’s resources, by providing solutions that automate all cash handling tasks.

Main benefitsHow can Newvision help?

For Retailers

  • Get the right fit
    for the business

    Our solutions have been designed to adapt to any business scenario, being able to deal with very asymmetrical locations in terms of capacity, size and maintenance access, while maintaining its ability to accommodate new features and future growth.

  • Optimize
    processes & resources

    By automating all tasks related to cash handling and simple transactional operations, optimizing labor costs and giving HR more management flexibility, cash management solutions allow your professionals to focus on the customer experience and taking advantage of every sales opportunity.

  • Safe cash on location

    Cash management solutions are incredibly efficient in eliminating all types of fraud like shrinkage and usage of counterfeits, as well as discouraging robberies. The direct result is a safer work and shopping environment for your staff and customers.

  • Cost control

    Aside the all the potential for labor cost optimization by automating cash handling operations, businesses can also take advantage of the real-time status monitoring features to keep collection and maintenance routes to an optimal minimum.

  • Improved cash flow

    Get a better position to negotiate insurance payout limits and premiums thanks to the increased security profile and improve cash flow by getting provisional credit through integration with banking entities, while avoiding cumbersome transactional fees of cashless payment methods.

  • Widen your opportunities

    By accepting cash – while eliminating or mitigating most of the issues that come with it – you can make sure to keep the business socially inclusive and increasing the sales potential, by allowing everyone to participate regardless of their economic status.

For CITs

  • Wider services portfolio

    From self-checkout kiosks and POS cash automation, to cash recycling and smart deposit machines, our solutions enable CITs to expand their own offering according to retailers’ needs, differentiating them from the competition by improving the quality and reach of the services provided.

  • Extended security

    Extend your security services by keeping cash safe every step of the way. From solid safe specifications and multi-layered electronic access control, to structural integrity and secure communications, our solutions offer strong security features that can be adapted to each customer’s context.

  • Operational control

    Monitor the entire cash management network for the full scope of your customer base from a single access point. Intuitive dashboards and notifications for the entire hardware estate, highlighting critical constraints so your professionals can always be one-step ahead in keeping yours and your customers’ operations running smoothly.

  • Optimized performance

    Our solutions’ management capabilities allow monitoring each equipment’s safe capacities remotely – for the entire customer base. CITs can effectively optimize their collection and maintenance routes increasing contract profitability without compromising service quality.

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We make a difference,
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We simplify your processes to generate the most value.

NEWVISION works actively to make a positive impact in people’s lives and potentiate our customers’ business. And we couldn’t be prouder to have so many that trust us to help them do just that.

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Our Solutions

Taking your services
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Combining our powerful hardware and software solutions, CIT companies can really improve their services profile, helping their customers keeping cash safe at all times, optimizing processes and resources, reducing handling costs, improving cash flow and allowing their resources to focus on CX.

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