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In business and life in general, knowledge is power. The more you know, the better decisions you will make. In business, there are a lot ways to get quality information that will help drive the business forward. Technology based solutions such as queue management systems, for instance, can provide automated inputs from different customer touchpoints, which help paint a clear picture of their general needs and behavior.

However, when dealing with customers face-to-face there is something fundamental that is often not taken into account: the actual customers’ opinions on how your service fares and how it could do better. Most times, in order to take advantage of this invaluable knowledge, all you need to do is ask… and then listen carefully. Fortunately, there are ways to use technology to make these questions in a consistent and automated way.

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Know how your customers rate the quality of the service you’re providing, and use the power that comes from it to deliver continuous improvement to their experience. Enable them to give immediate feedback on how they perceive their service experiences, giving you consolidated detail on results and performance.

Main benefitsThis is the best solution to:

  • Know what your customers have to say

    Reach out to customers, ask them how your service is performing through surveys and make use of the knowledge gathered from their feedback to improve the services provided, always aiming to deliver quality experiences which are both efficient and stress free.

  • Know better
    & react faster

    Link feedback results to specific categories and customers to gain granular understanding on the performance of specific services and locations. In addition, its notification system allows quick reaction from your representatives to mitigate any negative interactions.

  • Increase brand engagement

    Create your own surveys, personalizing them with your brand’s visual identity and adapting their content to best match your business’s needs. You may even trade their feedback for promotional offers, creating meaningful business connections and rewarding brand loyalty.

  • Manage

    Enroll dedicated in-store devices, such as tablets, your own mobile app or even distribute web links via email, SMS or Whatsapp. Manage all channels through a centralized web access and distribute surveys through the most convenient options for your customers.

  • Turn knowledge
    into insights

    Having an efficient platform to consistently get feedback, which you can segment and adapt over time, will give you valuable knowledge about your customer’s perceptions, needs and behavior, forming a clear picture on how to improve their experience continuously.

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