It’s often said that time is money. For us, time is life!

We design visionary solutions to help businesses connect with their customers, efficiently managing the level of service provided, so customers can make better use of the service environment, available services, and their own time.

At the very core of our technology-based vision are customers and the way they relate to branch environments and services provided. The solutions we design and develop are meant to simplify and expedite service processes. And getting back more time. Because more time means, in fact, more life.

what you can expect from newvision

  • Delivering positive Customer Experiences is what drives us

    We are a multinational company with +22 years of experience in technological innovation. We know that even small details can make a huge difference, and that is why our solutions are designed to enable a fluid, simple and rewarding connection between businesses and their customers.

  • We are on the bleeding-edge of innovative development

    Our teams are highly qualified on a wide range of skillsets, such as design, robotics, mechatronics, software development, storage and data mining. When we think of a solution for any given business, more than simply taking on challenges, we seek to implement visionary workflows, optimized processes and best practices for the future.

  • We offer world-renowned business legacy and experience

    The businesses we work with chose NEWVISION because they trust our expertise and believe in our product’s quality. They look to invest in efficient solutions, which add value to their service, increase their revenue and overall customer satisfaction. Working with us, that is exactly what they found.

  • +22 Years of
    Market Experience
  • +37 Countries
    we are present in
  • +950 Customers
    around the world
  • +6000 Sites installed

We prepare the future, today

What We Believe In

What drives us, as told by our qualified professionals:

  • “We’re passionate for innovative ideas and we go the extra mile in every single project.”

    Catarina Galvão Sales Manager

  • “Being able to improve people’s lives it’s what motivates us and drives the work we develop every day.”

    Josias Silva Product Manager

  • Our products enjoy worldwide recognition for their quality and competitive prices.

    Mário CunhaInternational Sales Manager

  • “Our aim is to maximize the customer service efficiency and deliver the best customer experience, while increasing our clients’ revenue.”

    Antonio Pedroso CEO

  • “Our concern with the environment is a fundamental part of our business model and competitiveness.”

    Carlos Gonçalves Board Member

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