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Every waiting minute represents the perfect opportunity to reach out to your customers and start building a solid business relationship. How about converting that waiting into quality time? How about creating an experience that is both pleasurable and useful for the customer, but also an amazing communication opportunity for your business?

Waiting does not have to be boring. Our digital signage solutions enable businesses to create a positive impact on their customers from the very first moment! Gain complete real-time control over all the digital content delivery channels available in your stores, from queueing kiosks interfaces to visually impressive video walls, determining exactly what, when and where content is broadcasted.

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Either to inform customers about your services and products or entertain them so it doesn’t feel like they’re waiting, our solutions enables conveying your messages and campaigns with maximum efficiency, extending the reach of brand communication and making it more dynamic and engaging.

Main benefitsThis is the best solution to:

  • Deliver the best
    Customer Experience

    These solutions are essential to help drive product sales, to mitigate the effects of waiting and to create a high-quality brand environment. Personalize premium content channels with your brand’s identity to create consistent, pleasant and engaging customer experiences.

  • Spread the message

    Get complete control over all the content endpoints across your entire store or branch network. Use these powerful tools to plan the deployment of content and marketing campaigns, scheduling exactly what, when and where each content is to be broadcasted.

  • Be one step ahead

    Take full advantage of the tools that allow directing specific content to particular customer profiles, or have A.I. determinine the most appropriate content according to the current conditions, factoring in customer profiles, customers waiting, wait times, and many others.

  • Measure effectiveness

    Get deep insight on the real impact of communication, using analytics to get metrics such as how many customers watched a particular content or campaign, the optimal duration of content and playlists, and even the impact of promotional content on sales results.

  • Unlock more revenue

    Get even more out of these solutions by using them as premium channels for advertising partnerships. Get reports on how many times specific contents were played, how many customers seen that content under a given timeframe and share the results with all stakeholders.

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