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HEROCASH is a fully integrated payments & cash management suite, combining hardware and software to optimize processes & resources, increase the security of cash assets, reduce cash handling costs, improve cash flow and enable your business representatives to focus on what is essential: delivering better customer experiences and increasing revenue.

Its basic premise is simple: the hardware provides incredible automation of the actual physical processes related to interfacing with users, payment processing and cash handling, while the software platform enables efficient management, allowing for the remote monitoring and maintenance of the entire kiosk and service machine network.

Main benefitsHow can

    the security profile

    From eliminating the most common types of fraud, like shrinkage and counterfeits to deterring robbery, our solutions keep payment assets safe inside the cash processing hardware up until the moment they need to be picked up and transported to the bank.

    processes & resources

    Stop wasting your staff’s time in tasks such as validating, counting, sorting and cash reconciliation. Allow your representatives to focus on the customer experience and sales by delegating all cash handling tasks to our fully automated solutions.

    & improve cashflow

    Your business will be able to greatly reduce direct costs on cash logistics and insurance premiums. Integrating with banking entities, you can improve cash flow by getting provisional credit even before the assets leave your premises.

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A brief overviewCash management
made easy

A complete top-tier payments and cash management suite, with a flexible hardware portfolio to supply all cash handling needs and intuitive software tools for operational control over the network of devices, delivering unparalleled efficiency via labour and process optimizations.
  • Flexible Implementation HEROCASH solutions offer great adaptability to different business scenarios. Its hardware portfolio can help streamline operations in very asymmetrical locations, with a broad range of specifications such as capacity, size and maintenance access, as well as its incredible integration capabilities.

  • Keeping assets and people safe The robust build, in addition to coin and banknote safe specifications, secure communications and multi-layered electronic access control, keep cash assets safe and act as a deterrent for robberies, also helping protect your staff and customers.

  • Unparalleled efficiency HEROCASH solutions save a lot of your staff’s time, allowing refocusing on CX and sales. Aside incredible labor optimizations, these solutions help businesses improve insurance payout limits and premiums as well as save massively on transport and logistics.


Find out what we can do to transform your business

From customer facing self-service checkout and automated POS cash processing to back-office and safe room deposits, HEROCASH has dedicated solutions for all your payment and cash management needs, allowing them to be managed from a single coordinated view.

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