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The usage of currency denominations has been around in human societies for thousands of years. It was fundamental in the emergence and growth of highly structured societies, giving shape to the world as we know it today. However, the modern use of cash certainly poses many challenges to businesses, especially in opposition to cashless payment methods, which may lead us to think cash has become a sort of anachronism and its days must be at an end.

This is not the case at all. Data shows that even though the usage of cashless payment methods is on the rise, so is the usage of cash. Therefore, if cash is here to stay, businesses need to enroll innovative technology to tackle all its issues: security risks, logistic hurdles, low productivity and high cost! Cash management solutions are definitely up to this task, providing flexible options that can adapt to eliminate these inefficiencies for businesses of any size.

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Our cash management solutions offer flexible implementation, keep cash assets secure, optimize processes and resources, reduce cash handling costs, improve cash flow and enable your business representatives to focus on what is important: delivering the best customer experience and revenue.

Main benefitsThis is the best solution to:

  • Make cash safe again

    The many security features of cash management solutions are a deterrent to crime, keeping money safe until it needs to be moved to the bank. They are incredibly efficient in eliminating all types of fraud like shrinkage and counterfeits, as well as discouraging robberies. The result is a safer environment for your staff and customers.

  • Optimize processes
    & resources

    Cash management solutions can automate all tasks related to cash handling and simple transactional operations, optimizing labor costs and giving HR management more flexibility. They save time for your representatives, allowing them to focus on the customer experience and take advantage of every sales opportunity.

  • Control costs &
    get better cash flow

    Get a better position to negotiate insurance payout limits and premiums thanks to the increased security profile, keep collection and maintenance routes to an optimal minimum with real-time status monitoring and improve cash flow by getting provisional credit from banking entities, while avoiding cumbersome transactional fees.

  • Leave no customer behind

    Cash in hand is the most trusted payment medium for a very large portion of the consumer base. By accepting cash – while eliminating most of its issues – you can make sure to keep the business socially inclusive and increasing the sales potential, by allowing everyone to participate regardless of their economic status.

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