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A warm welcoming smile from your staff and the comforting willingness to help in face-to-face interactions is without any doubt, a fantastic strategy to engage your customers. Sometimes, all a customer needs is to take care of a simple transaction, the fastest way possible. In these scenarios, if customers are offered a shortcut, they’ll take it! Why not offer the best of both worlds, giving customers the chance to choose the path that bests suits their needs?

Self-service channels are highly customizable, amazingly intuitive tools that allow customers to get the fastest and most efficient service. By allowing them to pay for products and services in a completely autonomous way, using any payment method, you will save precious time for your representatives, which will allow them to focus on more complex tasks, on increasing sales and delivering higher quality service.

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Our premium quality kiosks are designed to serve a multitude of specialty applications, from simple invoice payment, to product dispensing and interactive customer experiences. The functional potential is virtually endless, while maintaining incredible flexibility to swiftly adapt to the most demanding requirements.

Main benefitsThis is the best solution to:

  • Make it fast
    & keep it simple

    Diversify your customer touchpoints with self-service kiosks, providing your customers with more autonomy and the fastest access to simple, repetitive transactions, greatly reducing wait times and increase customer satisfaction, while also optimizing service performance.

  • Get exactly what you need

    Offer customers engaging touchpoints, capable of adapting to any requirements, and deliver virtually limitless transaction capabilities. From dispensing products and official documentation to multi-medium payment of goods and services. Whatever the requirement, our kiosks can handle it.

  • Increase
    service performance

    Optimize resource allocation by delegating low-value and repetitive tasks to self-service kiosks. They offer customers the fastest access to many transaction types and allow great gains in service performance, as they free your staff to focus on complex or revenue driven tasks.

  • Spread the message

    In addition to their incredible functional and transactional features, our premium kiosks deliver incredible multimedia capability that you can use as engaging marketing channels to broadcast quality information, promotional campaigns and enhance loyalty programs.

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